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Texas Dall Sheep With the Most Desirable Traits

Due to the high demand of Texas Dall ewes and rams at the end of 2020, we are currently down to breeding stock and are busy making more! We expect to have rams for sale sometime in late 2022.
If you have questions or comments about the Texas Dahl breed, just give us a call, because we will talk sheep until the cows come home!

Healthy and Beautiful Texas Dahl Sheep for Sale

Are you searching for a reputable breeder offering quality sheep with snow-white hair and rams with long, majestic horns? Look no further than Lone Star Dahl Sheep Farm. We offer Texas Dall sheep for sale in the US.

Our sheep are beautiful examples of the Texas Dall breed, also called Texas Dahl. These are strong, healthy animals that display all of the characteristics that make this specific variety so desirable.

Why Buy From Lone Star Dahl Sheep Farm?

2 Year Old Rams Sitting

Texas Dahl Sheep for Various Needs

At our farm, we breed, raise, and sell Texas Dall sheep, and we are always happy to discuss the desirable characteristics of this hardy breed with future Dall farmers. Whether you are stocking a trophy ranch or building a genetically superior herd through innovative sheep breeding, our animals are sure to fit your needs.

Call (936) 767-8493 or email us to inquire about our sheep.

Flock of Rams Standing

Call (936) 767-8493 or email us to inquire about our sheep.

About Our Farm and Sheep

Lone Star Dahl Sheep Farm has been raising sheep for more than 15 years, since 2006. We specifically raise Texas Dall sheep, also known as Texas Dahl sheep, which is a unique breed of primitive, hairy sheep with a distinctive white coat. This specific trait occurs because of a recessive white gene, and we breed our sheep to ensure a snowy appearance.

These sheep are sought after by many hunters throughout the world for their delicious meat and exceptional horns. Our Texas Dall sheep for sale can grow spectacular horns, so we work with breeders and trophy ranchers interested in displaying this exotic prize.

For those of you who are new to sheep farming, we are happy to discuss the various aspects of the task and the breed. We genuinely love these charming, majestic animals and enjoy educating others about them. Whether you own and raise them for a hobby or as a business endeavor, you can get a lot of satisfaction.